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Hosting An Easter Dinner


Spring is rapidly approaching. In fact, year after year spring sometimes arrives very fast. We also find our self attending Easter meals each year by our family. Wouldn't it be a good idea to host an Easter dinner?  As Men, it is important to try new activities and further develop our skill set. It is not that hard. Actually, all it takes is being organized. We found a wonderful article from simple.net that shows you how to host this holiday meal.

Ten Simple Ways to Instantly Be a Better Host At Easter

Now, granted these are minor details, but that is the beauty of it – they are all completely doable. Your guests will leave knowing that they have been well cared for by an attentive host.

1. Greet guests. Yes, at the door. No, don’t send your six-year-old while you scramble around the kitchen. Your guests need to feel welcomed.

2. Start with a drink. Or at least offer one. Be it iced tea, Perrier, or a glass of wine, this is a great way to help guests feel at ease.

3. Add a seasonal decoration on the table. Keep it simple: spring flowers, seasonal fruit or vegetables, painted eggs, etc. Don’t over do it.

4. Warm plates. Keep oven at 150°F with your dinner plates inside until ready to serve. Hot plates will keep the food warm longer during the meal.

5. Change the butter dish. Please, guests don’t want to see your toast crumbs and streaks of jam. Keep the dish fresh and clean –and the butter soft.

6. Add ice. If drinks are meant to be chilled, see to it that they are.

7. Light candles. If appropriate. A sit-down evening meal, for example.

8. Assign seating. Verbally is fine, just before the meal begins. Or have the kids color place tags, but just don’t leave your guests to awkwardly place themselves. Telling them where to sit helps them to feel like they were planned for and appreciated.

9. Warm bread or buns. Ten minutes in a warm oven does wonders for the dinner rolls and makes them taste fresh. A nice crust doesn’t hurt either.

10. Keep room temperature comfortable. Dinner can be miserable if the floors are cold or the place is sweltering hot from the kitchen’s heat. Be aware of the room’s temperature (not just your own) and ask guests if they are comfortable.

Menu 1: Easter Brunch

Fruit takes center stage in this comforting breakfast menu, while bold flavors like mint, maple and cinnamon awaken the taste buds. The kids will grab a scone and their smoothie and disappear out into the garden, but grown-ups will linger over the last piece of homemade Easter bread and cups of coffee.

Menu 2: Easter Lunch

Can’t decide between brunch and lunch? This menu straddles the two, keeping things light with a fresh salad, roasted fillet of salmon, and a savory tart. My mother’s recipe for rhubarb cake rounds out the seasonal aspect of the menu.
This menu would also work well for a buffet. The salmon can be served cold and is lovey with a tartar sauce.

Menu 3: Easter Dinner

Here a classic roast chicken is paired with a less-traditional side – baked leeks. An asparagus tart adds another seasonal green, while mashed potatoes and strawberry-rhubarb pie round out the comfort food factor.
This should get you prepared to be a wonderful host for an Easter meal. Thank you to simple.net for their useful instructions. If you would like to contact us with any questions or feedback, you can reach us by email.

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